Life Enhancement Hypnosis


FAQ's about Hypnosis

Most challenges that people face are a product of small misperceptions that begin in the early years of our youth.

These misperceptions need not be traumatic or even very significant, though they may be for us individually.

Some of these events may not even have been misperceived at the time, but were how we needed to perceive them at that moment in time to keep us safe, though they may no longer be needed in our present situation.

This ‘extra weight’ in our present moment, whether it is literally ‘extra weight’ or a bad habit such as smoking cigarettes, compulsions, addictions, nail biting, or countless other items that hold us back from the Enhanced Life that we desire, is what I like to refer to as extra rocks that we carry around in our backpack of life.

I can show you how to toss those rocks out of that backpack and lighten your load.

Some have less to be rid of, some have more. Some just hide it better than others.

The circumstances are all different, but the process is the same and works very well.

Through the process of 5-PATH® hypnosis, I can show you how to empty that backpack and Enhance your Life. I also teach 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® which gives you the tool to continue this process after our time together is over, and for the rest of your life, if you choose.