Life Enhancement Hypnosis


Simply follow my instructions

and scroll down...

Hypnosis, a Massage for your Mind

Press on my Hand, Close your Eyes, Sleep!

Count in a way like you have never counted before.

With each number that you count,

I want you to put half as much effort into the number.

As you slowly let them fade away, soon there will be no numbers.

Nothing Nothing Nothing...

The Only Thing You Need to Do is Lay Back and Relax

and Follow my Simple Instructions

Every sound, Every sensation, just keep on going deeper relaxed...

As you sit back in the chair, just take in a long, deep breath.

Hold it ... and now as you exhale, allow your eyes to close.

Now, go ahead and open ... and close ... your eyes. right.

Going all the way down. Deeper and deeper.

And as you continue to go deeper relaxed,

every sound, every thought, every sensation

just continues to take you deeper and deeper relaxed...

We are on this journey together,

I am here to act as your coach,

to guide you in the direction that you already know you need to go...

That's right, just keep on going...

And now addressing exactly the issue

for which you came in here today

You know what you need to do,

that's right,

it all makes much more sense now

the deeper you go, the better you feel

the better you feel, the deeper you go...

Did they really mean to hurt you?

Is there another way you could look at this event?

Maybe take a look at it through their eyes...

If you had that young girl beside you right now,

would you be proud of her?

Even though these things were difficult at the time,

didn't you become wiser in the process?

If you only knew then what you know now...

just like you had a nice refreshing nap...

And you do feel good, don't you...



to do so

for as long as you like...